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Amanda + Lucas | Kylan Barn

What an incredible day this was! Amanda and Lucas were surrounded by so many family and friends on their day at Kylan Barn. I could feel the love everywhere!

These two have made God the center of everything in their lives, and I believe that is what makes their relationship so strong and so beautiful. God has given them both so many gifts to share with the world and with each other.

Amanda and Lucas shared a "first touch" before guests arrived. This moment was so intimate and exciting, and it is a very rare tradition that I have not seen before. It was one of those moments where I could not believe that I had the honor of witnessing and capturing it. It was a private moment where they held hands without seeing one another. They chatted about the morning, and about the exciting parts of their day that were yet to come. They prayed for their day, their marriage, and all of the people who were there to celebrate with them. If you are planning your wedding, I HIGHLY recommend including this moment in your day. A moment to breathe and touch base with one another, but you are still leaving your "first look" to the ceremony. It is so special!

After dinner, we went out around to the front of the barn, leaving everyone else inside dancing because Amanda and Lucas wanted to share their handwritten vows to one another in private. Again, this moment was such an honor to photograph for them. They took turns reading to one another from their notebooks, and immediately fell into each others arms.

I am so happy for them, and grateful to have been there capturing every little moment that made their day truly the best day ever.

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