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Double Date at Dogfish Head Brewery

Caleb and I are Dogfish Head obsessed! We love when we meet other couples and friends who are just as obsessed as we are, like Leeann and her husband, Paul. We planned a double date night to the brewery in Milton, and Leeann and I brought our cameras along.

These images mean so much to me because not only am I with my favorite person, but we are at one of our favorite places. DFH is our go-to spot for day dates or date nights. We are lucky to live so close to the brewery and brewpub, in Rehoboth. I am not joking with you when I say we go to DFH at least once a week. It's fun to stop in for a flight, or just to check out what's new. We love the atmosphere as much as we love the drinks.

We had so much fun catching up over a beer with Leeann and Paul. The photos are a bonus!

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