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Indian River Inlet Engagement | Summer 2021

These two have been together since the beginning of time - well, high school. I hate the term "high school sweethearts" but they truly are the perfect pair. It's incredible to me when a couple has been through so many of life's moments and changes together at a young age. I can tell their relationship will be everlasting because Kaitlin + Max have such a strong bond. I am so honored to be photographing such a special time in their long love story.

When we were planning Kaitlin + Max's engagement session, Kaitlin said, "We may have a fun surprise of getting a new puppy... so we would maybe want to bring her." YES, YES, YES! Bring your sweet puppy! I could not wait to meet her, and I am so happy that they included her in these photos. Puppies are only little puppies for such a short time, so this way they will always remember her as just a little girl. They had just gotten her a few days before our session! She did so well on the dock, and really loved digging her snoot into the sand for the first time ever.

We all know hard seltzers are insanely popular, and these two could not resist bringing their favorite PRESS drinks for some fun celebratory shots on the beach. Also, I love a good champagne pop! Why not do both?

This was the perfect beach night, and I am so grateful to live where people vacation. Beach sessions will always be my favorite. Here's to an endless summer!

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